Hello my name is Jamila Spurdle

I am a final year photography student studying in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore

and I am in need of your help 

I’ve selected “GLOBALISATION" as my theme for my Final Year Project and have chosen to focus on the FANDOM itself

I am in need of your pictures!

List of Requirements:

1) Please take a picture with a 10 megapixels camera with a DPI of 300 minimun in Landscape format  

2) Preferably a clean background like the above

3) Please send me a short paragraph or a few lines on how you 1st came across Transformers and what was your 1st merchandise  

4) Please state where you are from; “Kansas, USA, New Wellington, New Zealand , etc” 

Please EMAIL me your pictures to;

carmenxv at hotmail dot com


you can send me your image via SKYPE : Jammishy 

If you have any questions, etc, feel free to drop me an ask, an email or a message via SKYPE 

PLEASE help me spread the word to other FANS out there! SHOW THE WORLD YOUR LOVE FOR TRANSFORMERS and how FAR it really has spread! 

I will be needing some pictures to show the lecturers by the 15th of November this year! 



Now I take it that you will start asking about privacy issues and stuff.

I have already talked to a few people and told them the following:

I will NOT upload your picture anywhere on the Internet. Uploading my face online is actually a huge risk for me because of personal reasons. 

I heavily respect privacy and please do not heckle me into revealing another person’s face to you, unless I have permission to do so.

Once this project is done, I intend to mail you back your photographs. They will be printed out, and mounted on a wall during my GRADUATION SHOW.

Once mailed out, I will DELETE the digital copies I have saved, so that there won’t be any risks of exposure, leaks, etc

I’ll update you guys with my progress from time to time. The MORE images I have, the BETTER chances of making this assignment a SUCCESS

I will be needing some pictures to show the lecturers by the 15th of November. This project’s due date would be sometime soon in February next year.

Thank you once again for your support 

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